Coucou Suzette

Vinkekat, lille hårclip

50 kr

Inkl. moms. Fragt beregnes ved betaling.

Den lille populære hårclips fra Parisiske Coucou Suzzette er nu kommet som vinkekat også kaldet "lucky cat".

A creative hair clip shaped as a maneki-neko, this adorable lucky cat coming straight from Japan. It makes our hearts melt with its bell collar, its happy face and its chunky paw in the air looking like a cute little wave. A pearly white hair accessory with pretty gold and red details, taking care of us all day long.

  • Each creation is unique, the color can slightly vary depending on the piece of acetate used
  • Type of clip: metal alligator clip
  • Recommendation : avoid contact with water

Height 4,0 cm
Width 2,5 cm
Weight 4 gr
Compositions: Cellulose Acetate

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